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2 Marts <br> Licking Toads  Unplugged
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Det her må du ikke gå glip af.

Vi får denne aften besøg af det lokale band Licking Toads, som giver en unplugged koncert.

Dørene åbner kl 19:00 og koncerten starter kl 20:00

Licking Toads - Unplugged

When they were asked to close last year’s amazing Munkegadefest, Licking Toads leapt at the chance. It was a huge success and masses of fun, and led to talk amongst the band of many more gigs. Never ones for rushing into things however, it took a little longer than they’d hoped to make it happen, and in the meantime, an increasingly large bunch of fans kept asking the question “when’s the next gig then?”

So, finally - at last - they’re back. Playing in an “unplugged” setting, the lads will be putting their usual bluesy-jazzy-funky twist on a couple of sets of their carefully chosen favourites for your listening pleasure. 

We’re really excited to be back playing live again, and we hope you will be too. Why not come along and lick a toad or two?